November 23, 2023

Help with Paint in Windows 10

Help with Paint in Windows 10 with pictures and steps how to use Microsoft Paint on a Windows/Laptop/Computer. You know, Microsoft Paint is a classic Windows program still available and survived the transition to Windows 10.

How to Open Microsoft Paint

  1. Search paint.
  2. Click open.

How to Drawing & Erasing

  1. Toolbar. which is at the top of the Paint window, is where you’ll find all of the options used to interact with the Paint canvas.
  2. Primary color. Click any color in the palette that’s in the top-right side of the Paint window to apply it to the “Color 1” box. This is the color that you’ll use when using the left mouse button on the canvas. Create a custom color by clicking Edit colors in the upper-right corner of the window, selecting a color and shade you want to use in the color wheel then clicking OK.
  3. Secondary color. Click the “Color 2” box to the left of the color palette, then click the color you’d like to use as your secondary color. You’ll activate this color by using the right mouse button on the canvas.
  4. Brush type. Click the Brushes option at the top of the Paint window, then click the type of brush tip you want to use. This is what affects the line size, shape, and width options. If you just want to draw a regular free-form line, click the pencil-shaped “Pencil” icon in the “Tools” section.
  5. Line thickness. Click the Size option to the left of the color palette, then click the line thickness you want to use while drawing.
  6. Erase mistakes. Clicking the pink “Eraser” icon in the “Tools” section and then clicking and dragging the eraser over the portion of the image you want to erase. The eraser will use your secondary color, so you may have to reset the secondary color to white (or your drawing’s background color, if different) before erasing.
  7. Create Shape.
  8. Save Project. Press Ctrl + s or click the floppy disk icon in the upper-left corner of the screen to save the changes.

Keyboard shortcut

  • Rotate: Ctrl+R
  • New Canvas: Ctrl+N
  • Cut: Ctrl+X
  • Paste: Ctrl+V
  • Copy: Ctrl+C
  • Save: Ctrl+S
  • Delete: Del
  • Print: Ctrl+P
  • Undo: Ctrl+Z
  • Highlight All: Ctrl+A
  • Open: Ctrl+O
  • Redo: Ctrl+Y
  • Hide Toolbar: Ctrl+T
  • Open Attributes: Ctrl+E
  • Stretch And Skew: Ctrl+W
  • Hide Color bar: Ctrl+L (press again to unhide)

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    1. sure, open other picture again with paint, then select pict/Ctrl all > Ctrl + C > Ctrl + V on other pict in other paint.

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