March 26, 2023

DS4 for PC Windows 11/10/8/7

DS4 for PC Windows is a free program to syncs Sony DualShock 4 handheld controllers to Microsoft Windows PC operating systems. This game utility software allows to link PlayStation 4 console controllers with PC Windows 11/10/8/7 through wired or wireless Bluetooth connections. Users will need their PS4 portable device, the micro-USB charging cable and the freeware.

Can I use DS4 on Windows PC?

DS4 Windows is exclusively made for Windows PC operating systems and has been created specifically for DualShock 4 console devices. The app is available in different language packs: English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, etc.

While the console models that the app functions with are limited, the software does manipulate the computer system to allow the PS4 controller to operate as another portable controller: the Xbox joystick. If people have both the PC and PS4 equipment, then they can essentially gain a virtual controller piece.

How to connecting DS4 controller to your PC?

After DS4 Windows has been downloaded and installed, then connect the handheld tool to the PC with the micro-USB cable; this cable is the same one that is used to charge the gadget and would have come with the official package of the console controller that was purchased.

Next open the application, within the user interface, there is a menu bar that includes ‘Controllers’, ‘Profiles’, ‘Auto Profiles’, ‘Settings’, and ‘Log’ tabs. With the connection of the USB cable, the DualShock 4 equipment will immediately show up within the ‘Controllers’ section.

How to connecting DS4 to PC via Bluetooth?

The DS4 Windows community can link the portable console to the computer through Bluetooth connections. To wirelessly sync the two gadgets, go to the Windows search bar within the lower icon bar on the desktop screen. Search for Bluetooth and open the ‘Bluetooth & other devices’ window; scroll through the settings and disconnect any wireless controllers that are hooked up already.

Then hold the DualShock 4 and press down the subtle left button next to the touchpad and the Windows start button below the pad at the same time for three to five seconds until the light in front of the controller lights up in a strobe sequence. Navigate back to the Windows Bluetooth settings window and select the first option: ‘Add Bluetooth or other devices’.

Click the ‘Bluetooth’ option within the window that appeared. The ‘Wireless Controller’ will come up if the equipment is set to pairing mode; click the synced handheld console. Open the DS4 Windows framework in which the PS4 device should be shown within the ‘Controllers’ tab.

While playing with either the cable or Bluetooth linkages, gamers may experience input lag during their games, which affects their reaction times. According to player reviews, there are people that experience less reactivity with both the wired and wireless connections.

The reasoning behind the wireless delay is more logical as there is not a physical link; although, the Sony PlayStation 4 joystick was made to play wirelessly, which results in the proper functioning with Bluetooth. Therefore, the cable will create instability. Play with the Bluetooth sync for comfort. Switch to the cable if the experience has input delay.

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